This is an interesting article identifying a growing concern and problem for young men who have grown up on pornography and now have trouble performing sexually in real-life encounters. But have difficulty stopping the porn use and find themselves addicted and impotent.

Is Porn Making Young Men Impotent? The Guardian

The Problem

Addictive sexual behaviour, acting out behaviour we sometimes call it, leads to feelings of shame and depression. It has the effect of masking, covering up, or numbing feelings; and it leads to isolation and a complete loss of control.

Healthy sexual behaviour, on the other hand, is characterized by mutual respect, a sense of clarity about feelings and communication, joyfulness and genuine intimacy. It tends to make people feel emotionally and physically safe.

From Hope and Recovery, SAA 1987

The following article gives recognition to the on-going question as to whether sex behaviours can really be classified as an addiction. Those who have, and continue to live with it, understand how real and challenging it is. This acknowledgment by the World Health Organization WHO is more evidence of the need to provide assistance and help for the challenges associated with sexual addiction and/or sexual compulsivity.

USA Today Article: Sex Addictions are Deeply Misunderstood

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